Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Blog!

Hey Friends!
I'm starting a whole new blog. Basically it's the same as this one, I just wanted a new look/new start, etc. Check, check, check it out!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Epitome of "Hope Time"

 6:53pm. I arrived early to the 7pm service. It's widely known at Hope that we have "Hope Time." This usually means that everyone is just a little late (usually myself included.) Sunday I wasn't sure if it was so empty because I was early, because it was third service, or just because it's summer and people are off having adventures. 
But check it out! At 7:07 the place was full. Love it. Love Hope. I'm definitely one of those "third service" types of people. 

Anyways, this is basically just me trying to figure out how to add pictures to my pseudo-blog. 


Monday, March 26, 2012

Sin Epiphany

So I'm excited about the stage of life I'm in. I've been feeling the desire to grow and be refined in all areas of my life. It's really great and challenging and exhausting and wonderful.

One big thing I'm learning is about sin. I had always thought of sin being more of an action, an outward thing, a conscious decision. Lately I've been seeing how a lot of times my sinful actions can be traced back to a lie that I am believing either about God or myself. For example, my striving to be dependent on no one but myself may very well be traced back to a time when someone told me that I would always be weak and run to others with my problems. I can see how the rest of my life may have turned into some way of proving to him that isn't true; that I could handle problems and do things on my own. Independence in itself may not be a sin, but when it comes out of a root of determination to not need anything from anyone, even God, then I think it does become sinful.

I've used this strategy of discovering lies in other areas of my life, and what I've found is that there are a lot of other places that lies are inconspicuously hiding, motivating my thoughts and actions. This has been happening for so long, that these thoughts and actions happen basically naturally. This sin happens basically naturally. Sin is no longer an outward thing. It is a fight against the things I do naturally. (Woah.) This means that the fight against sin isn't really me against the world: it's me against me. It's me having the discernment to check my motivations and then the self control to train myself to replace lies with truth and then proceed from there.

It's hard.

But I like it.

But I'm not very good at it yet, but I'm guessing I'll get better with practice.

Btw, I picked up this way of thinking by taking Redemption Groups with Hope Community Church. So good. I highly recommend it. It'll change yo' life.

I have a lot more thoughts, but that's the end for now. There have been a lot of things brewing in my mind lately, but I want to steer clear of tl;dr. Besides.. one shouldn't blog much during the wee hours of the morning. Especially if one loses all types of filters around 11pm, and it is currently 2:30am.

More coming soon...

Friday, January 20, 2012


So I got the job. The job I have been working towards for months. I got it, and I am really excited about it :) For this job, they ask that you commit to two years. It's not a contract, so I can quit or be fired at anytime (not that I'm forseeing that..) but before I accepted, they really drilled into me what it means to commit. Now for one who has always had commitment issues, it's a big deal for me to commit to something for two whole years. I'm pumped for it.

Tomorrow...well really in exactly 12 hours from now, 3pm on Friday, I'm having my commitment ceremony. (Mom likes to say that I'm being committed.) I'm not really sure what's involved with this ceremony, but I know that there will be cake (a super chocolatey one that I got to pick out!) and that I will be reading the letter below in front of maybe a lot of different people (mainly bosses and higher ups. Eek!) So here I am, procrastinator to the core, finishing it at 3am the night before. Feel free to read on.

(Names have been omitted due to privacy laws.) 

January 1st, 2011
Dear ____, ___, ___, and ___, 
I grew up in a small town in southern Minnesota. During high school I spent most of my summers working at a camp up in Canada. Then I started college at Baylor University in Texas. My major started as business, but I quickly realized that I cared about people much more than numbers. With that realization, I switched my major to education. Over the next few years I discovered that I wanted to go into special ed.  In 2009, I transferred up to the University of Minnesota where I obtained my degree in elementary education and started on my masters in special ed.  When I moved to Minneapolis, a friend of mine from camp suggested that I work with her for ACR. I applied, got hired, and was placed here at Walnut. 
Now, a bit over two years later I have come to love and appreciate the ladies and staff here. I am very excited to spend the next phase of my life as the Residential Supervisor at Walnut. While I am here, I commit to doing the best job I can do.____, to you I commit to sitting down and drinking coffee with you often.____, I commit to tell you as soon as I find myself a man. I also commit that if we ever meet Justin Beiber, you can have first dibs. ____, I commit to listening to Kool108 every time you are in my car, or another station that plays good dance songs, so we can rock out all the way home. To ____ I commit to listening to country music so we can keep singing the lyrics together.  To all of you, I commit to learning more about your lives and the people in them so that you can live as happy, healthy, and as independent as possible.  
I’m excited for what I will learn in the next few years as I transition from a full-time student to a full-time adult. Already I have learned so much from you and know that by having worked with you, my life has been changed forever. You have blessed me and I hope my presence at Walnut will bless you as well. 
Thanks for letting me be a part of your lives, 

Annie Brock 
RS at the ACR Home on Walnut