Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rosie's Worst Day Ever

So this week has been ridiculous. Unusual. Peculiar. Out of the ordinary. Strange. I got a rejection letter, left a class livid, worked 16 hours straight, had some unusual interactions with people, pulled three all-nighters for work, and  this morning,  my car, affectionately named Rosie Carmine, drove what may have been her last drive. In all honesty, I think all of these events coming together may be God trying to tell me something. What? I'm not sure. Whether you agree is up to you, but here's my story.

Last night I worked an overnight awake shift. This meant that I didn't drink any coffee yesterday so that I could take a nice long nap yesterday evening from 2-8pm. Then I got up and made it to work by ten. I have the best job ever, and it allows me to do homework (or watch TV...depending on my motivation) all night long, as long as I get done the things I need to for work. Last night I spent most of my time studying for my linguistics test. By the time 6am rolled around, I still had a lot to study, as I haven't paid attention in the class since the last test....so I decided to go back to my apt and get ready for practicum, before heading over to Caribou to study for a bit. On my drive back, I spent awhile trying to determine where to park my car. I had three options: 1) in my parking spot behind the building...the farthest option from Caribou. 2) in the Caribou parking lot, which I was feeling guilty about, since I wasn't actually going to go there first and their parking is already limited. 3) on the street in between my apartment and Caribou. The meters didn't go into effect until 8, and I knew I would be leaving at 7:30. Perfect right?

Side note: Going to Caribou in the morning is nothing new. Pretty typical. But the fact that I was supposed to drive to practicum was unusual. A friend usually picks Jessica and I up, and this is the first time I was supposed to drive this semester. Another side note: I got an e-mail last night saying I was supposed to be at a meeting this morning from 6:30-7:30am. Knowing that going to that meeting would add more stress than it was worth...I told them I wouldn't be in attendance.

So, I skipped a meeting, unusually parked in the street, ran up to get ready, came back down about 30 minutes later and there was poor little Rosie, pushed up onto the curb, her trunk mutilated and scattered along Washington Ave. Behind it was a man in, what I later discovered to be, a 2007 Kia Rondo with the bumper disheveled and the hood a bit rumpled. Poor guy. All he was trying to do was go to work, he went around a van, straight into a parked car. Ouch. I'm certain that wasn't how he hoped to spend his morning.

We exchanged information, assessed the situation, talked to the police officer, chatted about his job and family. The police officer told me that he would arrange for my car to be taken to the impound lot. He said that from the looks of it, my insurance company probably won't put the money or effort in to get it fixed. Which makes sense. We said goodbye, and I finally made it to Caribou :)

What was cool about this whole thing, was that it didn't stress me out at all. It's super convenient that I don't have to work for over two weeks ( I had just given a shift away) and with spring break coming, I was headed home anyways. Lets just say I was probably one of the most calm and collected people at the scene of an accident ever, if I do say so myself. And I only do say so myself because it surprised me. Honestly, this past week, I've been on edge, on the verge of tears, tired, stressed, emotional....but as soon as I saw poor little Rosie, all I could do was shake my head and laugh. And laugh. And laugh. Mary-Kelly and Jessica can both attest to this...they probably thought I had finally lost whatever marbles I had left. Maybe I did. I learned something today....sometimes all you can do is laugh, because life is often just ridiculous.

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